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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Can't stand the heat on FB, I will peek from time to time.

For the most part my 'friends and family' on Facebook keep it real and positive but the reposting of something awful is, well awful. So I will miss a lot in the coming months.

Remember what ever you post or repost stays in your account and as we have seen a lot can come back to bite you, so consider the ramifications. That job you want...gone, that affiliation you were counting on, gone.  Posting under a fake name, no protection because your friends will dine you out. So family and dear ones just stop.

By the way...People did not wake up when our president elect started running and decide to be what you see. They were always that way, in plain site.

And most minorities and families who have chosen to be inclusive, or have adopted children, or, well just or...have had to spend years protecting and teaching each other how to be safe, and to be alert, and watch out for one another.  It hurts when you thought you were safe and these thing happen.  Other side of the % equation, now it's your turn to do the same.  Teach your children and love ones to be safe.

Be the blessing you want to see in the world, there are enough of us to make the change we want to see happen in our life time. I will be expressing my take on things in my writings and art works...and posting to valariepoitier.com, not FB.

Keeping you lifted in my prayers.
Ms. V

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