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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

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Good day,
I mean it really, this has been a good day, and it is just noon.  Improvements, I can concentrate.  Probably does not sound like a big deal but it is. In order to create my art quilts I need to concentrate. Taking some of the repairing, relaxing, releasing, medications does away with the ability to concentrate. Downsizing on those same meds means more areas of the brain available to concentrate.

I can read, write, paint, watch tv and remember the story line. Are you laughing, ok it is funny on one hand, on the other it is amazing.  I am trying to remember all the things I did before I was prescribed medication to deal with my injuries.  Oh that's right I can check my journals again.  Now that I can concentrate I can get those books and use the patterns and drafts to continue my mental journey.

I have been gardening. Well not weeding as per the therapist, but the flowers have been gracious and have grown anyway.

creations: I have two pieces of fabric that I painted using the top and bottom of plastic cups, jars, and the back end of a paint brush.  Wonder of wonders I got depth perception going on. I have also used my shiva sticks to enhance a few of the women quilt tops and have started to pick up my studio.

Wait listed: well that would be sewing.  I can hand sew but the hand eye coordination needed to sit at the sewing machine, the time sitting and breaking so I do not hurt is still being experimented with.  I'll get there.

Creatively speaking I have the same 30-40 pieces in different stages of completion.  I picked out five and will concentrate, now that I have mastered that again, and finish before the end of the month.  That is tops, to pin, baste, back and quilt is a whole nother post.  :)