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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lectures by Ms. V - Promote Your Work

This Lecture series was created to help artists and quilters cope with the expected and unexpected ups and downs of being in business with and for themselves, oh yes, we are generally the business manager, along with the artist, the clean up crew, the shopper, no wait, we like that role, LOL, you get the point.  

And for those who do not plan to go into business but still need to understand the pros and cons of amassing and handling a large stash.

We generally work alone and after a period of time say a few weeks or years we share our work with the general public.  But most of us have the nay sayers, criticizers, and the 'what do you need that for person in our lives.  

As I have grown/sewn in this field I discovered moving from a private life into a public and on-line life was more than a notion.  I realized someone should offer a few How To's...for those of us who get stuck.  So I looked back and at some of the roadblocks I have hit and decided to write down how I met the challenge or overcame the situations. 

Thus this series Promote Your Work, was born.
  • Each lecture was designed to appeal to a wide audience. 
  • Each lecture has a PowerPoint presentation available with artwork.
  • Each lecture has half or full day workshop designed for it.  If it is my strip piecing method for landscapes it can also be a two-4 day workshop, handouts, patterns.  
  • Many of the lectures also have a hands-on art related component, designed to go with it and we create!
  • Additional lectures targeting specific audiences-specific topics, at various levels beginners, intermediate, advance or seasoned artists can be designed upon request.
  • Lectures for small and large audiences (8-1000+) are available.
1.  Promote Your Work Without Apologizing

     Here we actually discuss saying positive things about our work, ourselves, standing up for our
points of view as Quilters, art quilters, artists, small business people, comfort quilt makers.  Power point presentation, 10-20 pieces from my trunk show, member participation. Was presented as one of the Top Workshops at the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) 25th Anniversary Conference.

2.  "Who's That" or "Show and Tell Workshop"

     In this workshop we share our work, learn from the opening skit how not to share our work, laugh together, work together, learn easy ways to say positive things, we clap, we get bashful, we get over it, and we meet each other.  I chat a little about who I am then start showing a few pieces, next we have the guild members bring up a few pieces, a few people at a time, size: approx. a fat quarter size but no larger than 45 x 45.  Then I show few more pieces and so on... Guild members introduce themselves following the guidelines from the skit, and by the end of the evening the group knows something new about at least 15-20 people. I share lessons on speaking, promoting oneself, proper way to hold your quilt for the audience, sewing tips and tricks, funny stories, and we all have a great time.

3. What's Going to Happen to my Stuff
Most of us are putting off what will happen to our stash, tools, quilts, UFO's, sewing machines, and furniture.  This lecture/workshop gets everyone talking about it and I have a pamphlet or guide of how to set up for that time in your life.  It may be that your are downsizing, lost interest, body parts are no longer working the same way and you need to make changes.  This lecture addresses these and other issues the members will bring up. it is informative, fun, makes you rethink a few things you have been doing in a particular way and we have time for a bit of show and tell if we get started asap.

Capitolizing on Fiber SAQA Conference in metropolitan Washington, DC

I will be teaching this workshop "How to Promote your Work without Apologizing!" at SAQA's Alexandria' VA's Conference this May 2013.

This interactive empowerment workshop will look at:
• Our perceptions of ourselves as artists and or quilters.
• How to promote our work without apologizing.
• How we talk about our artwork casually, at gallery openings, and lectures.

This mini workshop will offer tools to help participants strengthen self-talk and business-talk

• How do you answer these questions when introduced?
o Who are you?
o What do you call yourself?
o What medium do you use most?
o Where can I see your work?

I am asking workshop attendees to bring the answer on a sheet of paper the size of a postcard.

They will also be asked to bring their authentic selves to the workshop..." and the one you want to be, the person you want to introduce to the movers and shakers, the person you have been striving towards, the one you want to introduce to the next curator or gallery owner who has asked around about you and your work, the one who is wondering if you would fit… their next promotion, their next event, their next exhibition to a tee!..."

That is the person I want to meet and really need to interact with. Why? So that you come away from the workshop empowered and imbued with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Best Regards,
Valarie Poitier

Life Coach, Job Readiness Instructor, Lecturer,
New England Quilt Museum Board Member
Curator, New England Quilt Museum's 2013 Images Exhibition's Special Exhibit of MA/RI SAQA Members "Three Cohesive Pieces" Exhibit August 2013
Curator, Chair SAQA-NEQM-2009-2011 Project "No Holds Barred"
SAQA Rep MA/RI, Member PAM Jurying Committee