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Sunday, September 17, 2017

90th Birthday Today for our Mother!

Great Morning. Today is my mother's 90th birthday! Family and friends are gathering from all over the East coast to join herin celebration.  Through out the day I will post pictures of our time together. Let's start with Mothers grand mother and her fathers sister. In Philadelphia walking pass Lit Brothers on Market Street. When those clothes were fashionable.

The second picture is at the opening of the traveling exhibit And Still We Rise, in Ohio in the fall of 2012 or 2013...gotta look that up. I was part of a panel who spoke about their work and our quilts in the exhibit.  Mother and my husband were there to see the opening and to here me speak at the National Underground Railroad Museum.

Have a blessed day!

To the right is a picture of my great grand mother Willie Cratic Finch and great aunt E. Finch Morris.

Elton, Valarie, jo Pratt leaving the auditorium.