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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Yep! Teaching online Spring/Summer 2021!

 Well I made it over the hump. I took some time to take zoom classes on topics I was interested in. I chose a wide variety of topics. Some requiring reading and research, an five day intensive study of color and requiring a heavy out put and quick turn around of art quilt tops, writing classes both fiction and memoirs and twenty different zoom events about suffrage, suffragettes, race, social justice issues and women’s history.  

Midway through that period I learned all about online teaching and exactly what I needed to invest in to provide excellent workshops and day classes. As I continued to check out that arena, I worked as a class assistant then a class monitor tor two sessions over a five month period. I ended up teaching two classes and loved every moment of the process. Now I am ready to forage ahead as an online instructor, lecturer, panelist and to stream live on topics I am interested in and have invested years studying.

I will be posting my line up soon, but first I am waiting to see if I get the artist residency I applied for. Almost every else will be scheduled around that project and my ongoing studies.

Below is one of the art pieces I created during the art class I took early March with Hollis Chatlain of NC. It was a fabulous class that caused me to stretch and quickly produce a quilt top. I’ll get to the quilting soon then post the finished product.

To be added...

Happy days ahead, filled with new and wondrous finished projects and online teaching opportunities!

All the best,

Ms. V