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Monday, September 16, 2019

2020-2022 Lectures, Workshops, On line, In Person...


Here are are my On-line lectures and workshops. The fun for me is to chat with you then tweak the program to fit your small group, large guild, art alliance, or webinar.  My goal is to be informative and entertaining, while sharing meaningful techniques for life and art! Email me for prices!

Your Process, Claiming Your Artistic Voice. Workshop or Lecture

Where are you in your process? Let’s explore. We can work together in a single day, half days, Or in-person (when safe) workshops. Using finished and unfinished projects, I will share my hard won victories. Oh you will recognize some of your own favorite techniques, starts and stops, and those ready to toss it moments.  We all have them.

During this time together we laugh, we get our mojos back, we move ahead, and some will stay right where they are, and be ok with that, while others will finish up projects!
It’s personal and we get to choose for ourselves.
It’s our process after all.
I will share where and when I get stuck. 
Then how I get unstuck and motivated.  
There are jewels of knowledge to be found in this lecture and workshop.

When Thought and Thread Collide, I mean Join!

Using thoughts, sketches, and research to tell the story. It all unfolds in this lecture and trunk show including my most exhibited pieces.  Between them they have graced 17 museums and quite a few galleries.  Lecture, Slide Show, with samples of each step.

How to Promote Your work and Yourself—without apologizing! Interactive Lecture/Workshop.

When we conclude the workshop or lecture you will be, energized, informed, rethinking how you speak about yourself and your work.

Awesome response from participants! Was even selected as one of the best workshops and rebooked for the 25th anniversary National Conference of SAQA. (Studio Art Quilt Associates)

Hanging in Harmony—Interactive Workshop or Lecture.

-How to create a cohesive body of work!

-Have you ever wondered how to get your exhibit to flow in such a way that the viewers are in Awe?  

-There is a process that allows you to align or alternate similar work, color, size, and topics that can draw the viewer in.  

-You will learn how to get the Oooh’s! and Ahhh’s. Great for On-line or in person exhibits. We go beyond just showing the picture. Once you have seen the picture you usually want more info. Now there’s a quick lesson on how add information and labels to the slide or picture for best impact.

-Lecture can be Tweaked for the guild or those who hang quilt shows. 

-The Workshop can be 45-90 minutes or half day for those who have an interest on how to plan and execute the hanging of a quilt show. Because this will happen online for now size is not an issue. Remember it’s interactive and you get to add feedback as we work through the process.

Show and Tell!  Fun Lessons on Best Practices When Presenting!

Rib tickling interactive Lecture. Includes a selection from my trunk show and member quilts.  We combine our stories and audience participation. Get ready to have fun while we brush up our presentation skills. It’s fast pace and we end on a very high note!

Strip Piecing to the Max workshop only!

Let’s take this beyond beginner level piecing. It’s easy and the results are fabulous! We create the fabric, cut out the appliqués, Ending with  a 9”x12” takeaway.  Workshop priced per person, guild pricing available. Gather basic quilting supplies, machine or iron and your precut strips or scraps, kits available.

Yes, I will design a fiber related course for a small group or to be presented to guild members.

Contact me and we will plan an event for your guild, group, or those few close friends!

All the Best! Ms. V