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Sunday, October 18, 2020

To Share ON-LINE or to wait COVID 19 out!

I thought I would share my thoughts about on-line classes and lectures.

    It is a daunting task for some of us to switch on a dime from in person classes and lectures to going live on our computers. That is so, even if, those of us over 50 are computer and use some of the new products, have cameras, stands, and are fun, interesting, engaging and proficient speakers. 

Here are the questions I asked myself:

What will it take and is it worth the investment? 
Will it give the same satisfaction as meeting up with a new group or village of quilters and fiber artists?
When you ask questions to get a feel for your audience, will anyone answer?
What do I charge? Do I lower my prices? Most people don't.
How much equipment should I update or buy, and which/what things?
How many times should I practice before going live?
How do I attract an audience?
What should I teach?
What do I really want to share?
Should I use the same format for the lectures which is a combination of Show & Tell and Powerpoint?

    To facilitate the answer, I began to watch zoom lectures of different types, especially non-quilt related to see what worked and what did not work.

In progress shot, now completed and has been exhibited 10 different locations.

I plan to go for it. But I think I want to add being a back up person if your scheduled speaker is not available.  That way I won't spend weeks or months being anxious. And I am great at brainstorming!...lol.

I'll let you know what I decide and find. 

All the best!
Ms. V