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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Praying for Quilters, quilting, Painters painting...

Heavenly Father
I pray for all my sisters and brothers, who are quilting, and painting, and stretching, but
Not more or less for any one of them
At times we lift one or another up to you for a special blessing
As many have done on my behalf recently
And it is with thanks giving that I am responding to such unselfish acts of kindness
I pray that we all might all be blessed to extend acts of kindness to one another on a regular basis
Not only when one’s health fails, or one looses a job or when one gains one, nor when ones relationships
End or begins, or when we gain or lose a family member, or have our candidate voted in or not
I would that we ‘just’ remember to pray on each others behalf
I pray for all my sisters and brothers, regardless what they may have said or done in my past or present
I pray for all my sisters and brothers, regardless what they may have missed
saying or may have missed doing in each others past or present
I pray that we may through your grace realize that some of what we say
or do should be left unsaid, or undone, in our future

It is a challenge to create a work Lord and to have others critique that work.
Sometimes the words used hurt, unman, disable, or even cause an artist, a quilter, a person just starting out to
turn away from expressing themselves in any venue that leaves them open to criticism and not positive talk
Heavenly Father, your word can empower us in a way that stills our tounges and stops us from hurting one another
Lead us to do or say more based on what you have taught us through your word, and remind us to read your word
Heavenly Father guide our words in a way, that we may pass along a blessing, be a blessing, be a deed to one another

Show us where to find the ability to sharpen our skills so that we encourage each other, build each other up, empower each other
Heavenly Father I have been favored and blessed these pass months, as have all who read these words
At times knowingly, at times without a clue, at times because someone made a sacriface
At times because I or we made the sacriface, at times because I or we read your word
At times because we heard your word read, oft times together, oft times alone and lonely and forgetting that you are there for us at all times empowering us and blessing us.
I pray for all my brothers and sisters
Not more or less for any one of them
I pray for me, myself, to remind me to read your word regularly
to remind myself to be a blessing and if you are willing Oh Lord a candle, to light the way

Help me to stitch or draw, or paint, or write in such a way as to lead or head in the direction of the blessings you have in store for me.


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