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Thursday, February 17, 2011

websites that have photo's or press releases of my work

I was searching on Bing, not a place I generally go and I found a few links with in of on my work and art.  I got excited to find myself so I went exploring on google, and surprisingly I found articles and photos I did not know were on the internet.

Be mindful of who is taking your picture. I did find about seven that I did not know were on the internet.  I will have my game face and top on whenever I step out the door for now on.

  • Atmospheric Change, God's Breath, & Sunrise, Quilt Art - on website.

  • Beyond the Obvious - detail, currently on exhibit at the New England Quilt Museum

  • Flash of Light, my journal quilt is listed under my name, search for poitier or scroll down to the p's and you will find me.  

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