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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taking a moment to pray

Dearest Lord,
It has been some time since I have sent out a prayer over the line and I thought I would take a moment to touch base with you and some of those on my prayer list in this manner today.
It is with great thanks that I come to you today.
It is with peace in my heart that I reach in your direction.
It is with the patience you have used to prune me that my spirit has grown exponentially, and I am at last aware and thankful.
It is through your guidance, that, and my willingness to let go of those things I cannot change that I have seen the greatest times of peacefulness in my life, and even now, filling my heart.
It is from the time I was given the grace to accept you in my life that I knew I would never be alone again, and having matured in life and in you I find myself humbled and grateful.
I ask much in your name Lord.
Peace be unto the reader, great and greater strength in you, I pray, also harmony and balance in their physical lives, rest and refreshment in their waking and sleeping times, abundance where needed and compassion and patience when warranted.
There is a special want or need pressing in the hearts and minds of some, if it be your will Oh Lord and to your purpose for their lives and ours, I would consider it a boon if you would grant their hearts desire.
May all that I do and say be a blessing to those you have gifted me with in my life. I ask these, nay all things, in your name, my strength and my redeemer.

How great thou art…
A request for a Blessings,
Ms. V

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