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Monday, March 26, 2012

Painting, Applique, Piecing, QuinobeQuin Quilters Quilt Show!

This picture was taken at a gallery where I had five items in the exhibit. There two were an acrylic painting and a collage using 1" x 2" magazine clippings.  Lots of fun getting the colors to work but it really gave me a chance to explore.

There are a more than a thousand bits of paper clippings used in the picture on the right.  And I probably went through forty magazines.  It makes the work I do in fabric seem easy by comparison.  I have been using my painting and collage work to develop back drops for landscapes and the bird quilts I have been producing.  Two of the bird quilts made for the 2010 Audubon Quilt Show held in Kentucky were on display at the Quinobequin Quilt Show this past year!   

Here is a peek at a detail of the youngster.  The background was painted using fabric paints, a wee bit of glitter, and then free motion quilted.

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