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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Apologizing, who apologizes all the time, sorry that is not me, excuse me, pardon me, sorry, oops sorry about that.

BFF's talking as they peruse the workshops.  Oh, I'm taking this.  You should too.  (Clue #1) Why would I take a workshop that would teach me how to talk about my work without apologizing?  I think, whew, I think, I'll pick one of the others, sorry but that one is not for me.  Are you taking it? "Why?" and then her best friend forever started, "You never apologize about your work except when you find your:

cats hair on it, a string hanging, a crooked string, the cigarette smoke, or the food stains on it,
or you don't have enough time to sew on a sleeve and you pin it,
forgot to sign it on the front, used more than one color purple,
forgot to send the return postage, forgot to start the quilt period,
forgot...., didn't mail it on time, didn't start it on time, didn't square it up,
missed the point of the theme, always miss the point of the theme,
did not have any red fabric, mail your quilts regardless of the theme,
used a glue, sequins, or tried other attachments and they started to fall off before you mailed the quilt, quit sending entries in because you never get in, sorry but I am not going to try this or that ever again... " "Hey Hey Hey, I don't do any of that!"

Why would you take a workshop that strengthens your point of view.
Why would you take a workshop that gives you the tools you need to possibly move on.
Why not? Why so? It takes guts to gather with your real contemporaries and have an honest dialogue.  I am up for it! How about you?

How do you talk about yourself, work, life, children, animals, ok so maybe life partner should have been earlier in this sentence, but I am not about to apologize.

We have been exposed to so many reasons to diminish our wonderfulness, our accomplishments, to devalue...wait I am not about to go through a therapy session, when I am at a convention.

Good because this is not any of the above!  This class is about you. A few minutes out of your day to really listen to your peers and you, talk about what you do, how your present yourself, and to learn a few simple but powerful motions, words, stances, to take when talking about your creative process/work and the powerful artist you are.  Oh sorry, I forgot, I will be chiming in from time to time.  So sign up and march on in...You'll have a blast!

Ms. V
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