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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ninigret Quilt Guild - March 2016 Lecture

"Quilter and motivational speaker, Valarie Poitier gave a slide and trunk show. 
Her topic was "Promote Your Work Without Apologizing" and was fabulous.
She was energetic, educational and very entertaining."

What a wonderful guild!
tI met my match...Ms. Barbara and she is an amazing personality, wonderful quilter and a guild treasure and favorite.  

I thought she was perfect!  Ms. Barbara my hat is off to you, what a gem!

This concludes my winter Lectures. What a fabulous time I have had traveling and meeting new people, sharing, learning and growing in spirit and lessons learned.  I am proud to represent the quilters in Massachusets where ever I go.  Many of you and our sister states have helped me develop my current programs.

If your guild is looking for a lecturer or workshop teacher contact me and let's see what we can arrange.
All the best!

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