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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Call For Entry - Self Identity - African Diaspora

Call for Entry - Self Identity

Location: Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists June 12 to September 17, 2017

Exhibit Theme:
How artists identify themselves racially and/or culturally impacts the voice with which they speak. We know that race is a social construct so we are asking artists to express how they identified themselves in this exhibit as a member of the African diaspora.

Curators: Edmond Barry Gaither, Michele David and Valarie Poitier

Edmund Barry Gaither is the Director and Curator of the Museum of the National Center of Afro- American Artists (NCAAA), and Special Consultant at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston. At the MFA, he has served as curator for eight exhibitions. For the NCAAA, he developed the Museum from a concept to an institution with collections exceeding three thousand objects and a thirty-two year history of exhibitions celebrating the visual arts heritage of black people world- wide. Among his honors are: Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Northeastern University, l984; Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters, Framingham State College, l993; and Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts, Rhode Island College, 1994.

Haitian-born Dr. Michele David creates fiber arts through which she explores her cultural interests as well as her personal love of pattern and color. She has exhibited her works in galleries, museums, and cultural centers nationally and internationally. In addition, her works are in numerous private collections. She has won numerous local, regional and national awards for her unique works. She has appeared many times on HGTV's Simply Quilts, hosted by Alex Anderson and on Nancy Corner, Sewing with Nancy hosted by Nancy Zieman on PBS produced by the Wisconsin Public Television. She is currently a Board Member of the Museum of Afro-American Artists.

Valarie Poitier is an independent curator, juror and artist who uses art quilts to document personal and historic events. Her art works are currently being exhibited in museums and galleries locally, nationally and internationally. She has gathered local, national and international data about quilters and the world of fiber arts for her motivational speaking engagements. Her most sought after workshop is How to Promote Your Work Without Apologizing. She holds a degree in Art Administration from Pfeiffer University in NC and is a trained studio artist. Having held positions on boards and committees in many local and national fiber organizations she was able to make lasting contributions during her time spent as a member of the New England Quilt Museum Board.


Michele David sistersinfiber@gmail.com Valarie Poitier sistersinfiber@gmail.com

Eligibility and Guidelines:

Artists who identified themselves as members of the African Diaspora Entry Guidelines:
Size requirements or Restrictions for artwork:
2D work width – minimum 24”, maximum 60”

2D work height – minimum 24”, maximum 60”
3D work – maximum height 48”, maximum width 24”, maximum depth 24”
ALL WORK – no more than 10 pounds
Nothing can hang off the bottom or sides of the piece.
No sharp or fragile embellishments.
Each 2D work must have a 4" fabric hanging sleeve on the back.
No mounted or framed work can be accepted.
Work must have been created no earlier than 2010
We will accept works that have a four inch sleeve, containing the name and contact information of the artist.
Work must have a label in the lower right hand corner.

March 07, 2017 April 15, 2017 April 19, 2017 May 19, 2017 June 10, 2017 June 12, 2017 Sept. 17, 2017
Online Entry Open
Online Entry Deadline at 11:59 pm CST
Notification of acceptance (All notifications will be sent by email) Artwork to be received
Artist Reception
Exhibition Opens
Exhibition Closes

GUIDELINES FOR CONSIDERATION: Checklist of what you will need to provide:

Artist Information: (the name you list is the name by which your work will be exhibited; spelling and capitalization will be reproduced in the same way that you enter them)
Artist’s First Name:
Artist’s Last Name:
Address (street):
City/Postal Code/Country: Phone (include country code): Email:

Artist’s website:
Information about each piece:

Artist name: Title:
Artist Statement specific to the work submitted. Not to exceed 1000 characters (approx. 150 words). We reserves the right to edit statements to fit the space allotted.
Size: height x width x depth, in inches;
Materials: (200 character limit)

Techniques: (200 character limit)
Photo credit: (if photo is not by the artist)
Is the Artwork for sale? (see Note below)
If yes, Sales Price (see Note below)
If no, Artist’s Stated Value (see Note below)

(1) The “Artist’s Stated Value” is the value determined by the artist which represents the US dol- lar amount the work would be priced, if it were for sale.

(2) The status of the Artwork (for sale or NFS) and the amount of the Sales Price or Artist’s Stated Value, as entered in the entry form, may not be changed after the entry form is submit- ted. The same status and value must be shown in the Artist’s Contract signed by accepted artists and must remain the same throughout the term of the exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of artwork will be split 65% to artists and 35% to NCAAA. Sales will be handled by NCAAA.
(3) Insurance for the Artwork during the exhibition will be covered in the loan agreement with the museum.
(4) Once your work is accepted, the museum will send you a loan agreement which must signed and returned with your artwork. The artwork/s will not be accepted without the signed loan agreement.
Please follow the requirements in the call for entry carefully. The requirements are specific to the show and the particulars of the chosen theme. If your submission doesn’t fit the parameters, it will not be accepted for the exhibition.

Special Note: We encourage you to send the professional photos. Remember that the images you send are the only representations of your work the curators will see when considering your entry. Photos should be in sharp focus, showing all sides of the art quilt, be well lit, with correct color and no distortions. The quilt should be the only item visible in the image other than a white, black, or gray background. Furthermore, if you are selected for the exhibition, your sub- mission photos will be used for the exhibition catalog. Therefore, your images need to be of the highest possible quality.

How to submit digital images:
Submit one overall DIGITAL image and one detail DIGITAL image for each entry via email sis-

Any artist(s) names or watermarks visible in the image must be masked, covered or removed to preserve the integrity of the curating process.

File format should be JPEG files (no TIFF files), saved at maximum quality (minimum compres- sion).
The longest side of the “live” area of the artwork (not including background) should be at least 2100 pixels. Larger is fine so long as the longest side of the overall image does not exceed 4200 pixels.

Label each digital image in whatever way is useful to you in retrieving and uploading the images to the online entry form. The entry system will overwrite that label with a new filename based on the entry number as part of the “blind” jury process.

Image Checklist:

Images must be shot straight on. Shoot on a contrasting background. For example, if your quilt edge has a lot of black, shoot on white or gray.
All edges of the quilt must be visible. Do not crop into the borders or binding of a quilt. We must be able to tell where your quilt ends and the background begins. Do not remove the background and do not add drop shadows with software.

You are asked to agree with these Terms and Conditions:
I agree to loan my artwork to The Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists, Inc. I understand that the cost of insuring and shipping my artwork to and from the museum are my responsibility. I further agree to permit the images or detail images and/or all or part of my artist statement to be used in the exhibition catalog, articles, ads, promotions, books, websites, blogs, CDs, current event news coverage, television productions, and/or multi-media productions for and about the exhibit or for and about the shows at which the exhibit may be seen.

Fee: $40.00 USD for up to three (3) entries.
Artists must pay their fee(s) using a credit card (MC, Visa or Amex) or PayPal through the Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists website "Sisters in fiber" as the memo identification line. (

The fee must be paid before the entry deadline listed above.
For issues with payment, please contact Carol Murray, (cmurray@mfa.org) or call (617) 442-8014 at the Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists.
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