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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

2023 Fall Reflections

 I have wonderful news!

This year I wrote a story about one of the quilts I made in 2012. This quilt 240 Million African Slaves Ago was made in response to a Call for Exhibit. There were over 89 art quilts involved in the traveling exhibit. The size and locations of the museums dictated how many of the quilts could be exhibited at any one time. The exhibit was laced out in a time line and my quilt was a depiction of one of the earliest of the 400 years of African American Historical moments displayed in cloth.

Here is a link to the article and a picture of the quilt. I must add that you will not find very many of my art works online because this very quilt;s image was posted on line for sale as a painting. I went to the site and posted “words” and explained that it was a quilt. After that i did not see it again but by then they had made quite a bit of cash off my original design. None the less here it is in the Tufts U Osher Spotlight 2023 Magazine. And a little about the blood sweat and tares it took to make it.


Once you reach the page, click on Spotlight 2023. Scroll down the article is on page 15.


Ms. V

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