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Sunday, August 16, 2009

As the sun has been dropping I have been thinking about quilting and examples that I have of different styles I like to use. Here are a few examples of this past years works. Some of these are exhibited below but this gathering really appeals to me. The title from back to front are
'I Can Do It', 'Three Pregnant Ladies...', 'Storm my 2008 Journal Quilt entry', and 'Talk to the Hand; my 2007 Journal Quilt entry'. As the sun rises tomorrow I will begin another phase of quilting some of my more recent works...they are looking for the batting, felt, and backings.
Regards, V

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous work, Ms. V. And it was a real pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Weavers Guild meeting!

    - Kristin (the Yearbook person that sat across from you. :) )