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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Three Pregnant Ladies a seat and a antelope

Here is the finished piece. The center was plain muslin that has been painted and stitched. The first border is a commercial fabric that I could not leave at the fabric shop. The color was exactly the same and even had the same spiritual feeling of the woman who is brown. The was of course the third woman pictured on the far right. She is pregnant with pain and the loss of her father. I repeated that color with a dyed fabric that hand been stamped with a bleach and discharged. I create the stamp from a small sketch I made on a 3x5 card. Next I painted the blue piece with gold paint. When it came time to add the final border it had to be that blue piece. The gold picked up the colors of the middle woman. I bordered it with a very narrow border using the brown fabric. This was a labor of love and loss. Another piece done when my daughters were pregnant at the same time and my daddy had passed on. The lower edge of this piece had my finger prints one it. Each stitch and each painted stroke are very personal to me. Regards, Ms. V
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