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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drumming My Way thru a Successful Postcard Sway

A very good friend Marlene O'Bryant Seabrook has a wonderful exhibit at the Avery Research Institute. I was lucky enough to have one of my postcards included in the exhibit. Here you see the postcard placed onto of a drum and enclosed in a plexiglass box. Thanks Marlene for using one of my 2008 AA Swap Postcards in the exhibit of your quilts and Postcard collection!

Below you see me standing near my journal quilt at the 2008 International Quilt Show Exhibit at the Saugus Arena in Lowell. I also submitted a piece for 2009 but it was not accepted in the show, it did however get in the 'not accepted for the show slideshow posted to the internet', that was a great idea of one of the people who submitted a work. She decided to get permission to have a 'not accepted for the show' presentation on-line. Great idea and my work did make it in on time.

Below you see four rounds of a round robin. My submission are the third round and the faces. Earlier I showed just the faces now you see the quilt top as it was returned to the owner. When she finishes with it I will ask if I can post a photo here so you will see the finished quilted piece.

I just love working on textiles and the past week I learned quite a bit about deconstruction silk screens. It was amazing to watch what happens when you paint on a screen then use a product to break down the dye as you use a squeegie to scrape across the screen. Almost as much fun as these other first times: listening to popcorn pop, taking something out of a microwave oven, seeing windshield wipers work, having watched the installation of street lights on your block and then that night when they automatically turn on. After that happened we had to be home on the front steps when the lights came on. Imagine us running from all directions to make it to the steps before Mother looked out to see if we were all there. I just love first times.

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